Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Quanum FPVplus Wide-Angle 1080P HD FPV Camera with 5.8GHz Transmitter Review

I recently purchased this camera from Hobbyking with the intent of using it for video recording on my quadcopter and perhaps FPV operation.  The camera takes still photos, videos, and real time video and incorporates a transmitter so you can use it for FPV flying.  It is an integrated alternative to using an FPV camera and separate 5.8 GHz transmitter and it follows the GoPro form factor to a large extent.

After some use, here are my views on this product.


  1. It uses the Gopro form factor, so it can use Gopro accessories.  It is lightweight.
  2. You need to do some work to adapt this to your quadcopter:
    1. You have to adapt the supplied cable to provide a 12V supply to the camera.  It has no internal battery so it is useless without power.
    2. It has no included mount or tripod threaded hole so you need to adapt a Gopro mount to your purpose.  This can be done with the usual hobby tools.
  3. The video is of acceptable quality, quite good in fact, see the video sample below.  This was taken with no gimbal, a shock absorbing mount, and reasonably balanced props, so it still has some shake.
  4. Construction seems rugged.
  5. With the included transmitter and antenna, it is easy to set up for FPV operation.  I was able to connect the camera to my RX LCD5802 7 inch monitor in about 5 seconds - truly easy.
  6. Downloading the videos to a Mac or PC is easy using the microSD card.  Note that the camera will not work without a card.  Also note that the developers seem to have used Huawei phone software as the base for this product - you will see some directories and files that are unusual for a standard digital camera.
  7. I recommend always connecting the antenna when the camera is powered up.  Some RF transmitters can burn out if they have no load like an antenna.  Don't know if that is the case here, but better safe than sorry.


  1. It is difficult to know what mode the camera is in as there is no LCD display and only one LED to provide status.  Spend some time with the very brief instructions on your workbench to familiarize yourself with operation before flying.  Otherwise, you may take off with the camera turned off.
  2. The MicroSD card sticks out and can be easily ejected.  You may want to put some tape over it temporarily so you don't eject it at an inopportune time.  You also need to consider this when you adapt the camera to a Gopro accessory.
  3. You cannot adapt an onscreen display (OSD) to show quadcopter telemetry on your ground screen as the video to transmitter inteface is within the camera and cannot be accessed to insert an OSD card between camera and transmitter.
In summary, I recommend this camera as a simple to set up FPV camera and transmitter system for quadcopters and other UAV.  It is easy to set up, provides good video, and is rugged.

Rear View

Side View with antenna removed
Side view with MicroSD slot, mode switch, connector
Gopro mount modified to accomodate antenna, cable, switch, etc.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Latest flights - SK450 Deadcat

Got three flights in last week and the quadcopter is still in one piece.  The video from the quad is cleaner than before as there is less vibration, but still a bit of jello.